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Bob Kelley
4/16/2011 12:54:37 am

I think we need to get a discussion going on where to locate the dog park. One idea that I have heard is the Dunn property on Eagle Point.
I like this idea because 1) it is State land, so there wouldn't be any cost if the State agrees, 2) it could be located quite a distance from any residence, and 3) from what I have heard Michael Dunn was a dog lover.

Ann Kelley
4/16/2011 04:36:21 am

I agree that the Dunn property is a good idea because it is State land, but I question the distance from the village. If it were closer to Derby Center or Derby Line I think it would get utilized more often.

Jen Gallace
4/16/2011 05:18:22 am

I think a dog park in Derby would be a great thing for our community! We have such long rough winters up here and I think having a dog park for the summer months would be a great way for our dogs to get out that cooped up energy not to mention bring people and there dogs together! I think a great place would be the park in Derby Line!

Sherry Aubin
5/1/2011 09:38:42 am

I had someone suggest to me down by the river in Derby. Just somethng that was mentioned to me figured I'd share. The Dunn property would be a very nice place cause it is nice and open and if it wouldn't cost anything why not also maybe we could dedicate it to Michael Dunn's memory especially if he was an animal advocate.

Ann Kelley
5/2/2011 01:16:16 am

Well, Bob just got off the phone with a woman from The Missisquoi National Wildlife Rescue and was told that a dog park would not be permitted on the Dunn property. All 400 plus acres are for wildlife only and protected by the government.

Keep those ideas coming!!

9/2/2012 06:33:01 am

Great info, thanks

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